Scriptable Objects in Separate Windows

As you have more ScriptableObjects in your project, it gets harder to maintain them. I developed a tool called Scrubber. It allows you to edit your ScriptableObjects in separate windows without modifying your scripts.

The Scrubber iterates through your ScriptableObject fields and displays them in a separate window. Import the scrubber in your project and right-click any ScriptableObject asset you have in your assets folder.

You’ll see two options: Scrubber Window and Fancy Scrubber Window. The Scrubber window draws your data like the inspector. The fancy option shows each field of your ScriptableObject on a side menu.

With the Scrubber in your project, you can open each asset in a separate window.

If you want even more flexibility, you can add an attribute to your ScriptableObjects.

The ScrubData Attribute gives you the option to double-click any DataAsset to open it in a separate window

This will allow you to double-click it to open it in the Scrubber Window.

Try Scrubber. A non-intrusive tool that makes you more productive.