It’s hard to find a game or even an app that doesn’t make use of bars to display information. In games, they are extremely common to present one of the player’s stats. Health (HP) being the most common one.

In Unity, there are a bunch of ways of doing a…

As you have more ScriptableObjects in your project, it gets harder to maintain them. I developed a tool called Scrubber. It allows you to edit your ScriptableObjects in separate windows without modifying your scripts.

The Scrubber iterates through your ScriptableObject fields and displays them in a separate window. Import the…

This is the final part of the Dragon Quest Battle System tutorial.

On this entry, we’ll be tackling the spell and item menu. Then, we’ll add the hit and spell effects. Finally, sounds and music will be the icing on the cake.

If you haven’t checked out the other posts…

On this next entry, I’ll talk about some visual enhancements like adding the tilemap and the battle background. I’ll also be discussing the Battle Menu Window and the Player Status Window. Finally, I’ll implement the attack and escape commands in their proper format.

Visual Enhancements

So, in the last post, we built the basic structure and flow of Dragon Quest’s Battle system. On this post, we’ll work on getting the visuals closer to the real one, adjusting the windows, and finalize the bottom log window.

Adjusting the Design

First, I’ll extract the window from the…

JRPG-Style Menu Sample

Building an RPG is tough. Even working on a basic one will demand a lot of content. You’ll need to create a world, the cities and fill it with characters. Also, your party members and a good amount of monster variety. Oh and don’t forget the weapons, spells, and items

Unity offers a bunch of ways which you can structure your code. Lately I realized how I always separated audio and animation. With characters I always had to sync them up. Play attack animation then play attack audio.

Why not add the audio straight to your animation?

Enter StateMachineBehaviour…


There are many ways in which to name events and it’s handler functions. Lately I've found one that suits me.

Let me give you some options so you can choose which one works best for you.

First, let’s define our Character class that has a health parameter. This class will…

One of the franchises that I like is Dragon Quest. I got into it pretty late in the series, but the atmosphere, music and the characters stuck with me. …

From Software’s 2011 Dark Souls

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